Kobayashi-Uchiike-Mikoshiba Prize


The International Display Workshops (IDW) is supported, develops and continues to make contributions to society through the lively activities of its participants, centering on those who give presentations. The foundations of IDW are their contributions resulting from pioneering achievements in participants’ disciplines and technical aspects, contributions resulting from thenurturing of human resources capable of being active in IDW through education and technical instruction, and contributions resulting from enthusiastic involvement in the operation of IDW. In recognition of these past contributions, the Kobayashi-Uchiike-Mikoshiba Prize is awarded with the intention of expressing respect and gratitude to those who have made particularly notable contributions, and in the hope that they will continue for long into the future to remain at the center of IDW activities, and contribute not only to their development but also to society as a whole.

Application Requirements

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Prize Laureates

2019  Keiichi Betsui
2019 Yasufumi Iimura
2019 Yoshifumi Shimodaira
2020  Taiichiro Kurita
2020 Tatsuo Uchida
2021  Reiji Hattori
2021 Masayuki Nakamoto
2021 Susumu Sato
2022  Jin Jang
2022 Tetsuo Tsutsui
2022 Sumio Yano
2023 Yoichiro Nakanishi
2023 Akiyoshi Mikami
2023 Kalil Käläntär